Under Stair Storage Ideas For Beautify Your Home

Under Stair Storage Ideas ( )
Under Stair Storage Ideas ( )

In most multi-level residences, the space under stairs can create some unusual.

Wondering if there is a way to make use of empty space under your staircase. Between its low-head height, sloped ceiling, and small square footage, it can be difficult to make this space useful. You can transform this overlooked area into a place for your pet to snooze, a cozy reading nook, a fun playhouse for the kids, and more! Get inspired by these creative storage ideas and more!

1. A Storage Rack

This storage rack is the top-notch one because it can hold many wine bottle, books and your kids’ toys. And the most important thing is it does not take up a lot of space in your house in that you buid it under the stair.

2. Additional Wardrobe and Shoe Rack

There is nothing wrong with being fashionable. However, the real problem come when you do not have enough space to store your clothes and shoes anymore since your closet is already full of your fashion items.

You can use the space under the stair to store some clothes and shoes neatly. You will need your basic DIY skills to make a wardrobe and shoe rack that can be pulled out easily. Although it may take time to build this wardrobe and shoe rack, the result will satisfy you as well as spruce your house up.

3. Relaxing Nook
Relaxing in a quite place while enjoying your favorite magazine is such a great me-time for you, isn’t it? You can realize it by creating a relaxing nook right under the stair.

A small and safe haven for relaxing and just being yourself. There is nothing can beat this relaxing nook when it comes to indulging yourself.

4. A Cozy Dog House

A fierce storm is happening outside. Now you can build a shelter for your beloved dog right under the stair.

This dog house is a safe haven for him. It can keep him warm and safe during the storm. If you are worried about the mess that your dog might do when letting him wander around the house, you can install tier doors. They will make your dog stay in his kennel.

Under Stair Storage Ideas ( )

5. Floating Working Space

This working area is such a brilliant solution for limited space. If you do not have an extra space for a working area, you can always rely on the space under the stair. You can still work comfortably without taking up more space of your house.

This working area enables you to store books and files that you need. It also provides sufficient space on the desk top so that you can put your laptop and spread your books out on it while working or doing your homework.

6. Under Stair Storage For Pantry

If you don’t have enough space to store cookware, jams, sauces, and foods because your kitchen cabinets are already full, try a much bigger and affordable cabinet – DIY kitchen cabinet under the stair.

It is like a closet in which you can store your fashion items. This smart pantry can help you organize all of your cooking utensils and sauces. It is more affordable than buying some small cabinets in a store.

Besides, adding more cabinets mean taking up more space which is not really good for your small kitchen.

7. Under Stair Storage For Playground

Let your kids enjoy being at home by building them their private playground under the stair. Now they have a place to play while exploring their imagination right inside the house.

8. Library

Perfect for bookworms, you’ll feel delighted every time you walk by and see the shelves filled with your favorite reads.

9. Convert these spaces to bathrooms

These bathrooms still look awesome although they are built under the stair. They still provide sufficient space for you to step in and out without compromising the stylish interior.

There are many ideas that you can apply for your under stair storage. And it is always a good thing to keep things organized without taking up a lot of space. So, which under stair storage idea that suits your style well?

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