Secretary Desk is a Great Addition to Any Home Office

Secretary Desk Is A Great Addition To Any Home Office0002
Secretary Desk Is A Great Addition To Any Home Office0002

A secretary desk is a great addition to any home office or office. They are usually great functional areas for support staff to work from. They have been around for a long time; the older models are much sought after antiques.

A secretary desk is built for the function it is made to make the secretary’s job easier. Today most secretaries are called administrative assistants but largely perform the same function that a secretary would.

The desks that they use today are made to accommodate a computer CPU, keyboard and a display. The desks usually have cut outs in the top so the computer wires and cords can slip nicely under the desk and out of the way.

Most of these desks will have to pull out trays where the keyboard is stored when not in use. The tray usually is mounted on rollers so that movement is fluid. Some models will have drawers on either side of the desk, for file storage.

Holly & Martin Holden Wall-Mount Laptop Desk

Holly & Martin Holden Wall-Mount Laptop Desk


No floor space? No problem! Pull up a chair to this wall-mounted secretary desk, so you can finally leave your bed (but not your apartment) to do work. The front drops down to reveal a corkboard, letter holder, and four cubbies, making it an easy-to-access alcove of productivity.

Screenshot 20
62 Loring Secretary Desk

Project 62 Loring Secretary Desk


This writing desk from Target’s Project 62 brand works seamlessly into the small-space home. The open interior allows you to keep it minimal or outfit it with your own organization units. Plus, the discreet cutout in the back helps keep cords bundled together and out of sight.

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Baxton Studio Crossroads II Writing Desk

Baxton Studio Crossroads II Writing Desk


Smooth form meets effortless function in this budget-friendly, trestle-frame secretary desk. Its open, angular construction reads as both rustic and modern, and its three interior drawers offer plenty of space for keeping your work-in-progress under wraps.

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