Most Attractive DIY Hanging Garden Ideas For Your Lovely Home

Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )
Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )

Hanging garden is the modern way to grow herbs all year long, they are essential in a home as you need a variety of herbs for your cooking, and also beautifies your home.

Here are some tips for gardening indoors that will simulate the conditions in an outside garden.There are so many creative DIY ideas how to make practical hanging garden, you just need to find that one that will be suitable for your space. In the gallery below, we have chosen 40+ most interesting DIY ideas how to make attractive hanging garden, with a little effort and a little imagination.

1. Industrial Style DIY Hanging Garden
The design for this DIY hanging garden was inspired by an industrial environment. You can utilize this vertical hanging garden with any plant and not just herbs.

2. Water Bottle Hanging Herb Garden
It’s always tricky figuring how to make herb planter, especially when you are new to DIY projects. This wall-mounted herb can be made from recycled materials and can be mounted right next to the door. This hanging garden sure guarantees you a constant supply of fresh herbs.

Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )
Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )

3. Our Shoe Holder Garden
This DIY herbs garden was born out of creativity and a desire to utilize available resources judiciously. It involves using a shoe holder as a planter.

The plants are placed in the compartments meant for the shoes, and it’s continuously watered. This project is incredibly inexpensive and is the perfect idea to grow your herbs.

Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )
Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )

4. DIY hanging Metal Planter
Everyone enjoys the fantastic taste and smell of herbs, be it children, parents or grandparents. Many herbs grow best when it’s placed in a sunny location.

Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )
Diy Hanging Garden Ideas ( )

5. Custom Potted Hanging Herb Garden DIY
The project is straightforward to make, yet beautiful. You can complete the whole project with just a few hours job. It involves creating a potted hanging herb garden that you can attach to your ceiling. By hanging your plants from the ceiling, you also keep them safe from pets and kids.

6. Window-Mounted Garden Planter
Have your favorite herbs at your fingertips for your cooking adventure by making this window hanging herb garden. Follow this simple guide to create your own unique kitchen herb garden to grow your herbs.

By placing this simple hanging herb garden in your sunny kitchen window, you are sure to get unlimited access to fresh herbs for your cooking needs all year round.

7. DIY Vertical Hanging Garden
A DIY herb garden is essential for your home, especially if you enjoy fresh leaves and herbs. This vertical herb planter is easy to create project that can turn a part of your home into a beautiful and helpful garden. Or you can visit more Ideas in Vertical Garden ideas.

8. The Cutest Hanging Garden

It could be strenuous having to go to the groceries every time you need to use your favourite herb in your recipes, not to mention the cost and the time you may spend going to and fro.

Making this hanging plants garden relieves you of the stress and the cost. You will be able to get enough herbs for your cake and other culinary. It also provides an exceptional beautification for your home. Each clay pot is held to one another with wood and rope.

Find out with following more interesting DIY ideas how to make attractive hanging garden, with a little effort and a little imagination

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