Modern Garden Water Wall Ideas

Unique Modern Precast ( )
Unique Modern Precast ( )

We all love the idea of spicing up our gardens and yards with something beyond the ordinary. Whether it’s a spectacular planter or a stand-out sculpture, the idea of something above and beyond beautiful plant life stirs the imagination. With that in mind, we’d like to explore the world of water walls.

We’ve taken some of our favorite ideas and created a short list to get your imagination pumping. Below you’ll see more water walls along with features on the cutting edge of creative garden design. The placement, function, and look of each of these projects is stunningly unique. What works in one garden might be completely different than what flourishes in another, so keep an open mind as you peruse the ideas featured below. We’ve included source links for each item on our list, and encourage you to seek out background information, instructions, and the wider world of water wall ideas available online.

Here are some Garden Water Wall Ideas you can create.

1. Copper Fountain
This freestanding unit doesn’t fit the strictest definition of a water wall, but it is still a wall-based water feature. We think it looks fantastic.

2. Free Standing Wall
This design incorporates a trio of slim waterfall sources, staggered diagonally across a singular wall on the edge of a patio. Framed in expertly groomed shrubbery, it features a reservoir wrapped in polished stones.


3. Waterfall-like Wall
This feature streams an unending ribbon of water from the side of raised planters on a patio. Standing next to a staircase, it helps define the wall and adds immense visual appeal and mystery to the space.


4. Monolithic Water Wall
Commanding attention and aiding privacy in the patio, this large black water wall supplants the fence, along with thick flanking plants. The textured surface allows water to playfully dance in the light upon a subtle expanse of dark tones, amidst a bright and green garden.

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