Make Halloween Decorations Using Animatronics

2.2 Ft Bloodthirsty Betty Animatronic
2.2 Ft Bloodthirsty Betty Animatronic

You’ve seen those fun, animated characters that move, wave, jump, and scare the heck out of you in haunted houses at Halloween. Those are called animatronics, and sometimes called mechatronics. Many are very sophisticated and difficult to build, but many are very easy. In this article we’ll offer some tips on how you can get started with simple projects.

1 – Don’t be overwhelmed by those complex animatronics props you see in professional haunted houses. Some day you may want to build those, but for now, start small. The first thing you might want to do is observe some animatronics in action. Watch for any moving displays. If you stay alert, you will often see rotating signs advertising in-store specials. They’re usually cardboard signs attached to a motor that is powered by a couple of small batteries. Look inside of them. Go around back and see how they are assembled. Study those displays and you will learn a lot. You will see that most of them operate with very simple motors and levers.

2 – Learn about simple levers. You will be amazed at how easy and fun it is to make objects move with basic levers. They are one of the most important ingredients in almost all animatronics and mechatronics.

3 – Read about animatronics. Your local library and the internet are great resources. Search for terms like animatronics, mechatronics, and robots.

4 – Go online store or your local hobby store and purchase basic hobby kits that contain gears, motors, and other animatronics. Not only will you learn a lot, but you will have tremendous fun!

Halloween Animatronics are not that expensive anymore. The magic spell book can be purchased online for about $25 while the witch and mirror are about $200 each. That’s not very expensive when you consider the effect they will have on your visitors. Lifelike figures of well-known characters such as Jason from the Friday the 13 th series can be purchased for $250. Elaborate animatronics include displays such as an inmate in an electric chair for $2000, or a torture table for $12, 000 that requires electrical connections and an air compressor. Simple animatronics might include small ghost houses with things that pop out for $10 or less. Animatronics are available for other holidays such as lifelike Santas. Consider investigating animatronics for this Halloween. Your guests will be talking about your displays for years to come.

Here I have collected few more ideas which shall be of your help. Or you can go on Hallowen Store and grab..!!


Stone Gargoyle Animatronic

Stone Gargoyle Animatronic

Turn your front yard into a haunted hellscape with this terrifying, smoke-breathing gargoyle. Standing 3 feet tall, its bloodshot eyes and smoldering mouth begin to animate when an unsuspecting trick-or-treater walks by.

William Mark Feisty Pets

William Mark Feisty Pets Sir Growls-A-Lot
Speaking of kids, this pseudo-animatronic is another one that’s right on their level. This teddy bear looks super cute and cuddly, but if you squeeze it, its happy face will turn terrifying — it’s a great addition to a Halloween costume as a Gremlin-like sidekick.

Halloween Decorations Using Animatronics0023

Crawling Monster Hand Animatronic
Want to up the creep factor, without spending an arm and a leg? This severed-hand Halloween animatronic is less than $20, and it moves creepily all on its own (through battery operation) across a table or around the floor.



Animated Haunted Typewriter
This old-fashioned typewriter taps out a cry for help over and over, with its motion-activated keys and carriage moving all on their own. Users love the realistic, weathered look of this piece and that the typing sound is closer to a faint clicking instead of loud clacking.

Distortions Unlimited Exorcism Frightronics Prop

Distortions Unlimited Exorcism Frightronics Prop
Here’s one for the true die-hards: This possessed person appears to float off the table, rocking back and forth, face frozen in a scream. The secret is that this foam-filled latex body is attached to a motorized, swiveling base that’s hidden by the nightgown.


Distortions Unlimited Animated Mother Prop

Distortions Unlimited Animated Mother Prop

Make sure you don’t forget about Mother. As this Halloween animatronic rocks, she lurches back and forth, her decrepit grin seriously scaring the bejesus out of whoever dares to go near. Unfortunately, the rocking chair isn’t included, but you can always get one on the cheap from Amazon!


Animated Cracked Victorian Doll

Animated Cracked Victorian Doll

This decrepit doll stands at just over 2.5 feet tall, and it can be light- or motion-activated to say four creepy phrases in a child’s voice. Because everything sounds scarier in a child’s voice.


5 Ft Sitting Scare Clown Animatronics

Foot Sitting Scare Clown Animatronic

Seat this killer clown on your porch or at an open chair with a candy bowl during your house party. Its limp head makes it look like it’s sleeping (or dead!) until someone reaches out for a treat. Its neck will snap up while it yells “Surprise!”


Creepy Roaming Bear Animatronics

This reviewer-favorite halloween animatronic is definitely more creepy than cringey, and is great for households with kids who actually like the scary stuff. This scare bear roams around in circles on its platform, chasing down potential playmates while covered in fake bloodstains.


6 Ft Looming Strawman Animatronics

Looming Strawman Animatronic

This full-sized scarecrow looks like just another seasonal prop when posted out in your backyard or by your front walkway. But when unsuspecting guests approach, it lunges forward at them while laughing maniacally. Just sit back and wait for the screams!


Mezco The Nun Conjuring

Mezco The Nun The Conjuring 2 Living Dead Dolls Presents

The doll itself was wonderful. It was for my significant others birthday and was exactly what he wanted. Luckily he isn’t a box fanatic though cause the edges were not in an acceptable condition at all.The doll itself was wonderful. It was for my significant others birthday and was exactly what he wanted. Luckily he isn’t a box fanatic though cause the edges were not in an acceptable condition at all.

Here I have collected few more animatronic ideas and Hallowen Thanksgiving Ideas which shall be of your help

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