1. It was a simple choice to manufacture one for the new restroom so as to free up restricted space, and I figured I’d fabricate a couple more for the ground floor theater room entrance while I was busy since that space was incomplete.



Choose your DIY barn door hardware before determining the door height. At that point check the estimating guidelines or approach the maker for assistance landing at the entryway stature.

In most cases, measuring to the top of an opening with no trim, or to the top of the trim, and subtract 1/2 in. from your measurement will give you the minimum door height required.

Before you begin looking for DIY barn door hardware, take a careful where you might want to introduce the barn door and figure out what door setup works best.

If you want to cover the opening with one door, you’ll need an area on one side of the opening that’s wide enough for the door.

Make sure there aren’t any obstructions like light switches, sconce lights or heat registers that would be covered by or interfere with the door.

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If there’s not enough wall space on one side of the opening, you can install a pair of doors that slide to opposite sides or buy special bypass hardware that allows the doors to stack.


If you’re questioning the practicality of these massive, heavy duty doors, then here’s some good news: While it’s definitely a two-man job to install, once the door is attached to the heavy duty rails, it slides like a charm. In fact, one reviewer writes that you can

“just touch the edge of the door and it’ll slide.”

And if you hate how often your kids accidentally slam doors in your house, then listen up: These doors roll so quietly that you can’t even hear ’em, according to reviewers.

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