Creative Ways To Use Wine Bottles As Halloween Decor

Bottles As Halloween Decor ( )
Bottles As Halloween Decor ( )

Do you know the connection between wine and Halloween?
Yeah, of course you can prepare the most delicious witch’s punch ever which tastes just like sangria.
But this is not all; after preparing this punch, don’t throw bottles away!

Be creative and decorate your house or porch with some scary decorations made from bottle wines.
It’s very easy to do and cheap, also. Not to mention they are pretty funny-spooky Halloween accessories.

Brighten your home with this beautiful funny-spooky bottle light, which is hand painted with enamel paint and oven cured for durability.

The perfect way to celebrate the Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, Halloween, or to add a touch of festivity to your home all year long!


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