Cool Drink Stations For Outdoor Party

Cool Drink Stations For Outdoor Party
Cool Drink Stations For Outdoor Party

Outdoor parties have a charm of their own. The beauty of nature and the night-lit sky will add to the party atmosphere, making it unique and very romantic.

Some celebration themes are very appropriate for outdoor parties. The natural surroundings and the atmosphere make them exceptionally suitable. The warm weather, nature and activity possibilities should be used to your advantage.

If you are about to host a summer outdoor party, you may consider one of the following theme ideas.

How you arrange your outdoor space can make a big difference in your outdoor party’s success. So, whether the party is on your deck, patio or simply in your backyard follow these simple guidelines for an eye-pleasing and functional outdoor party layout.

The outdoor season is on and lots of outdoor parties are coming! There’s no outdoor party without a proper drink station or bar, and I’d like to share some ideas to style such a station for your own party.

An outdoor drink station or bar can be easily made of a couple of cabinets, a vintage dresser, sideboard, a cart or anything else you like: it depends on the style you like. If it’s a rustic cart, go for a wooden console table, maybe on casters, if it’s a modern and glam party, go for a gilded cart on wheels, if you prefer vintage style, why not make a vintage console table painted in pastels or a vintage cupboard in the same pastel shades. Decorate your station with potted greenery and blooms – those in vases will be also a nice fit. Arrange fruits and berries not only for pimping the cocktails but also for decor: place lemons in a large metal bowl or bucket, for example. Put tanks with drinks into stands and holders that match the style: wicker or metal ones for a rustic party, glass ones for a modern party and so on.

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