Best Windows Boxes to Bring the Garden Into the Home

Best Windows Boxes 0005
Best Windows Boxes 0005

What is it about buildings and structure which makes it attractive? If you are an architect, you do more than simply putting spaces of the building and labeling for its use. That’s more than formulating how many floors available and it is more than just creating the space accordingly. The building’s architecture is also its beauty and convenient and comfortable than it looks. Whether it is an office, apartment or a house with two floors, architectural design of the building affects the interests of the occupants and visitors to stay in the building. Beautify the building is so essential to attracting people to him.

There are several ways to make the building look attractive. There is the choice of color, the structure itself, the choice of material (either wood or cement), the choice of walls, doors, windows, roofs, etc. You can list many ways to make it beautiful. But the only thing that is easily overlooked, but has a major impact on the overall aesthetics of the building is on the flower of flowers. With one glance, a building or a house with windows flower can definitely attract people in this building.

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Window boxes bring the garden into the home. Through the windows you can often see beautiful flowers and plants further away from the house, but you may not be able to see plantings near the house. That is until you install window planter boxes. With these beauties you will always be able to have a great view. It will be the one you planted.

If you’re in an apartment or in the city, window planter boxes let you have a little bit of nature in your home. It’s like keeping a little taste of the country with you when you’re dealing with city life. Whether in a window or on the fire escape, it’s a nice break from the hectic city style.

Before purchasing these you need to know what you’re looking for.

The first trait to look into is the window size. Measure the width of your window before you start shopping. You also need to measure the amount of window sill from front to back. You don’t want to buy large window boxes for a thin window sill only to see them teeter and finally topple over, ruining all the work you did to make them beautiful.

Next, know what kind of plants you want to put in those boxes. You have to make sure there will be enough space in them for the root system of the plants. Plants need a decent amount of space to spread their roots to pull in nutrients and grow strong. Make sure you have boxes with enough space to let your plant thrive.

Some plants need more drainage than others, so make sure your box can let the extra water out. If you get the wrong kind of window planter boxes and they hold too much water in, you’re going to end up with mildew growing on the plants, and that can kill them.

While your window planter boxes may look great to start with, the only way to keep them looking great is to make sure they are easy to access so you can feed and water them as needed.

Another thing to consider when you are selecting window planter boxes is the material they are made of. Some materials need more maintenance than others. Wood boxes may well break down over time. One of the best styles is plastic. While you may be picturing those plain looking plastic window boxes, these days plastic pieces are much more attractive. They are now being cast to look like stone, and other decorative items. Plastic can also be strong and sturdy. If you are more interested in an organic look for your window planter boxes, you may want to look into terra cotta pieces. Terra cotta is very natural and beautiful.

Many people like to use them to grow a couple of herbs to accent their meals, if you are going to do this kind of growing or grow other things to eat, make sure to look for planter boxes that have not been chemically treated.


A wooden window box will bring warmth and an added oomph of curb appeal to any home, especially if you’re going for a cozy farmhouse feel. This is already put together, so all you have to do it assemble it on the windowsill and add in pretty flowers or even succulents, like some customers did. This has a pretty whitewashed look, but this option also comes in three other styles, including one that has a metal accent on the front. See more..


Best Windows Boxes 0021
Countryside Flower Box Planter

Sure, you could DIY a window box, but when you find one that’s under $15, you jump on it! This countryside window box comes in four shades and sizes to accommodate various windows. Made from a tough plastic blend, this is designed to resist fading from the sun and also has removable drain plugs in case you overwater! We also love the simple design that will make all eyes go to your bold and bright flowers.

See more..


There are some people who have a green thumb and others who can’t keep grass alive. If you’re the latter and still want to enhance the outside of your windows, this wicker-style window box is designed with a self-watering system that’ll make everyone think you’re Martha Stewart. Packed with a liner for easy planting, with an area that’ll hold water for your plants to drink as needed, this will give you flowers and plants that are healthy and vibrant in color all year.  See more..

CobraCo 36 Inch English Horse Trough Planter
Panacea Products Flat Iron

This wall hanger has flattened metal bars which make up the entire motif of the product & give the basket a very classic, sturdy look & feel. The included coco liner prevents soil from spilling out, & the large 29″ long planting area offers plenty of room for flowers & vines. Included is mounting hardware which allows for easy installation. See More..

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