Best Bed Tray Bring You Breakfast in Bed Everyday

There is a reason why everyone wants breakfast in bed; it is luxurious and a departure from the humdrum of the typical day. There is one item that makes the whole experience possible and that is a bed tray. The tray is absolutely necessary to carry in a mug brimming with piping hot coffee, a stack of pancakes, and the morning paper, but why only use the bed tray for special occasions? They are great for reading, writing a letter, or comfortably using your laptop computer in bed.

Another option for those who want to be able to read or work while in bed is a bed desk. Bed desks are both comfortable and convenient. They make it easy to get some work done in bed by providing a flat surface for all of your work related activities.

There are some bed desk models that come with a built in light and a surface that can be tilted for optimal comfort. If you wish to use your bed desk for a computer, then you should get a model with a built in fan to cool your laptop that can be connected to via a USB hook up, and soft supports for your wrists. These innovations make bed desks easy and comfortable to use.




Constructed of walnut-stained bamboo wood, this bed tray is as durable as it is versatile. The left half of the spacious, smooth surface can be raised, and it’s equipped with a removable lip at the bottom to keep reading material or a device in place. Indented slots at the top can also hold your phone and tablet at the ready, and a hidden drawer underneath slides out to hold all of the extras!


his bamboo tray table is two units in one — the legs fold underneath and the center compartment flips up to easily turn into a bath caddy! 

Wherever you choose to kick back and relax, this portable desk is also equipped with two deep cubbies, indented slots for both a drinking glass and a stemmed wine glass, and ample space for a laptop or propping up a book.


If you’re someone who works or watches videos from your laptop for hours at a time, consider getting this folding bamboo-wood bed tray to help prolong the lifespan of your machine. Its numerous cutouts dissipate heat from your device, and it also has a USB-powered fan built into the bottom that cools it down even further.

Enjoy a lazy Sunday in style with this rustic wood breakfast in bed foldable serving tray. An attractive, sturdy way to serve food whether in bed or around the house, this handy serving tray provides enough room to hold breakfast dishes, coffee sets, or dessert platters.


Crafted from natural bamboo, the revolutionary Media Bed Tray makes breakfast-in-bed, manicures, and watching movies online a dream come true. Equipped with 2 built-in device ledges, pick the angle that maximizes your online viewing or shopping. Fold the legs out to give your tray height or in to store your tray away. The natural bamboo finish adds an elevated touch to any decor. Attractive, sturdy, and stable, the Media Bed Tray is great for decorative touches even when not in everyday use.


This bed tray is outfitted with a wood-veneer top and sleek metal legs that fold under when not in use. 


Treat yourself or loved ones to breakfast in bed with this portable desk tray with cup holders. The TV tray features 5 recessed compartments for drinks, utensils food and more to keep things in place when carrying the tray. 

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