40+ Modern Rooftop And Balcony Garden Ideas

Rooftop And Balcony Garden ( )
Rooftop And Balcony Garden ( )

If you live in the city and are fortunate enough to have access to a balcony or a flat portion of roof, you have the potential to create a thing of rare beauty a “garden in the sky“.

These areas present a unique challenge to the landscape designer, because they are liable to be in the path of every wind that blows, and scorched by sun.

In certain areas that are densely populated even those who have a small roof or terrace are such a gift. You can make a garden there. You can sit there and enjoy. Of course, you may have many plans for your roof garden design and style but considering these tips will be very helpful too.

If you are ready to begin this exciting adventure, the photos below should inspire you in deciding the overall design of the new park. As you might imagine, building your own roof garden is not as easy as planting bushes on the ground, but with good research, planning, and determination, such projects can substantially increase your lifestyle.

Look at some nice patio garden design ideas and important tips that you can use for inspiration on your rooftop and balcony.

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