20+ Unique Kitchen Pendant Lights For Maximum Effect and Best Results

Modern Kitchen Pendant Idea.jpg
Modern Kitchen Pendant Idea.jpg

Kitchen pendant lighting has become rather popular over the years. While the conventional ceiling lighting has its own tradition and practice with its own set of advantages, using pendant lighting for kitchen also has its own benefits.

The decor of good-looking pendant lighting is practically unbeatable, and it lets one focus on certain objects rather than spreading the lights everywhere.

Kitchen pendant lights are similar to the usual pendant lights that you have in other places at your home. There is no fundamental difference between them.

However, you need to understand the right amount of light that you need from your kitchen lighting. This will also lead to determination of the size of the lighting.

Also, normally you would prefer to install a different style of pendant in your kitchen from other places of your house. This is completely optional, but this is the way that most people tend to like.

What types of kitchen pendant lighting are there?

There are a huge number of styles to pick from when it comes to kitchen pendant lighting. The Contemporary Style offers metallic and plastic lights in the shape of bells and upside down jars, with a few other shapes.

Generally, they go well in modern kitchens and fit well with a kitchen that’s heavily decked out in the latest appliances. The Traditional and Rustic Styles are more classical looking, and have flairs and parts that are nice shapes that go well with traditional wooden kitchen furniture.

If you have a stucco pattern on your kitchen ceiling, for example, you might like to go for the Rustic Style of kitchen lighting to match that. Crystal is another popular style for kitchen pendant lighting, and will go best in the most elegant residences or even special places such as town halls or ballroom kitchens in hotels.

Where to find kitchen pendant lighting?

You can often begin your quest to find the perfect kitchen lighting on the Internet.

While purchasing your kitchen pendant lighting system, make sure that you consider the size of the light, brightness, style and price factors.

Once you take all these factors into account, you shall find that selecting and installing the pendant lighting in your kitchen will become a simple task.

Aplomb Replica: You might not have the budget to pick up Foscarini’s , but this stylish modern look doesn’t have to remain entirely out of reach.

Stanley Pendant: Brass and copper have become an incredibly popular lighting trend for those who admire understated luxury. These pendants have a classic shape but a contemporary attitude.


Fat Light Replica: Of all the shapes available in Tom Dixon’s iconic Beat collection, the Fat Light is a versatile favorite. Replicas are popular but you can purchase the original Fat Light for here.

Slim LED: Tall ceilings deserve gorgeous statement lighting. Designed by Jordi Vilardell for Vibia, these long and dramatic pendants transform empty space into performance art.

E27 Socket Pendant: With beautifully detailed Edison bulbs resurging in popularity, designers are beginning to turn more attention toward simple fixtures. Mattias Ståhlbom created the E27 socket pendant with an elegant form that highlights the bulb. This fixture is available in a wide range of colors.

Lames Mini Pendant: These low volt pendants give off a gentle and warm quality of light reminiscent of candles.

Starburst Multipoint Pendant: It’s hard to see from the picture, but each pendant shade contains a delicate glass starburst shape, lovingly formed by hand. The starburst portion is available in amber or clear glass for a choice between a warm or bright tone.


Muuto Unfold Pendant: 
Unfold combines modern materials with a classic industrial shape. The Unfold pendant is available in a variety of modern colors, including several greyscale choices in addition to green, blue, and yellow.

Bijou Pendant: Round, sensibly sized, and pleasant on the eyes – these understated pendants are a fantastic choice for minimalist kitchens.

Fucsia 1 Pendant: Conic lamps are another nice choice for kitchens that emphasize the clean lines and forms of minimalism. Fucsia pendants are a design by Achille Castiglioni.

Summit Pendant: These conical pendants take on a thinner and more streamlined shape. They’re available in two sizes to accommodate any space.


Smithfield S: The lovely Smithfield S pendant combines the best of dome lighting trends and low-profile design, adding subtle charm without blocking the view.

Caviar Pendant: Imagine these lighter-than-air pendants hovering above your dining table. A perforated metal cone contains the bulb, diffusing light into a million shimmering points.

Bond Suspension Pendant: A slender gap winds its way around the lamp, illuminated by the bulb within. This pendant is unique in that it provides both diffused light for ambiance and focused light for tasks.

Panton VP6: Now is your chance to own a Verner Panton original, one of the first lamps mass-produced by the iconic designer. Matte black makes a minimalist statement but this model comes in a wide variety of vibrant colors.

Roost Constellation Pendants: Zinc-plated iron globes feel light and transparent thanks to thousands of hand-drilled holes strewn across its surface like stars.

Studio Pendant: Thomas Bernstrand’s lovely Studio Pendant echoes the shape of heavy industrial lamps, a traditional shape reimagined with contemporary simplicity.

Oculo Pendant: Designed by Jeremy Pyles, this luxurious hand-blown glass lamps feature a rounded body that gently tapers to an opening at the bottom.

Agnes Chandelier Replica: This incredible chandelier is one of the most highly coveted pieces of designer lighting in recent memory. This replica is not inexpensive by any means, but it beats the $10,000 price tag of the Lindsey Adelman original.

Diamond Lamps: Geometric motifs are still trending, and these diamond lamps are the perfect way to bring this exciting style to your kitchen.

Conic Section Pendant: Satin-finish black looks good just about anywhere. These flared mini-pendants have an angled shade that transitions to vertical wire toward the bottom for a dynamic look that changes according to perspective.

Octo Pendant: Truly, this famous design is sure to catch the eye of any Finnish design fan. This piece is the work of Seppo Koho, and belongs to a collection of similarly sculptural wooden pendants.

Goodman Large Lamp: Thomas O’Brien designed the Goodman lamp to demonstrate the best of modern and vintage style. The clean shades and metallic interior are undeniably contemporary, whereas the linked cable is a neat throwback to older lighting.

Caravaggio Pendant: To honor its emphasis on light and shadow, designer Cecilie Manz named this pendant collection after the Italian Baroque painter considered a master of the style.

Hicks Pendant: Here’s another classically inspired pendant light, this time with the ever-recognizable chain style cord.

Industrial Pendant: 
Metallic pendants are a useful staple of industrial themes but they look great in any kitchen, as demonstrated by this classic interior.

Spillray Pendants: These delicate-looking pendants are made from durable Pyrex, its small bulb projecting from the silver finial.

Pharos Pendant: Jeremy Pyles designed this stylish mini-pendant for those who have an eye for detail. Unlike others of similar form, this pendant has a light bulb that runs all the way through.

Kon Pendant: Clear or ribbed or clear glass shades gifts decorators a nice choice of simple but attractive pendants. Metal details in chrome integrate well with almost any kitchen style.

Castore Suspension: Minimalists will love these streamlined yet decorative pendant lights. They lay low in the daytime but look spectacular in use, as the light within brings the frosted white surfaces to a gentle glow.

Castle Pendant: Crafted from smooth concrete, these pendants challenge the eye by presenting a heavy material that looks light and versatile as any other option.

Rock Suspension: Faceted lighting presents a cool geometric look that works well for future-focused interior designs. This piece comes by way of collaboration between the Diesel fashion company and design house Foscarini.

Grain Light: Chic as can be. This matte lamp series is made from recyclable materials like bamboo fiber. It’s distinctive texture looks and feels organic, ideal for a natural or soft kitchen style.

Wireflow 2D: Another take on the geometric lighting trend, this series creates fabulous outlines using rods and its own wires. Wireflow is available in both 2-D and 3-D shapes.

Broadway Collection: Looking for something a little more formal? James R Moder designed the gorgeous Broadway Collection with inspiration from classic chandeliers, streamlined to suit a modern kitchen. Imperial Crystal beads turn this fixture into a drama of light and shadow.

Tom Dixon Copper Pendant: Copper is a warm and attractive choice for an interior that needs a touch of understated luxury. Tom Dixon makes a wide range of copper lighting, but these smooth and simple spherical pendants are perfect for kitchens and dining rooms.

Alina Pendant: Hand-blown lighting always makes a bold impression. These honey toned Venetian glass pendants will add classic charm to any modernist or traditionally inspired space.

Soleil Pendant: Here’s another sculptural glass pendant for decorators who prefer their lighting to make an artistic statement. These have a slightly more balanced and modern shape.

Random Globe Pendant: What an iconic lamp! The light and airy random pendant immediately draws the eye, and looks just as dramatic in the daytime as it does at night.

Coral Pendant: Oversized pendants are a great choice for kitchens with tall ceilings, but they also work well in average spaces that need a solid focal point. Here, the unique Coral pendant prevents the fridge from stealing the show.

Skygarden LampThis is one of the most recognizable designs by the ever-exciting designer Marcel Wanders. On the outside, this piece looks like an ordinary dome lamp but the inside features a detailed floral motif in plaster.

Aim Multi-Light Pendant: If you’re a huge fan of the designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, you’re probably already familiar with the versatile and attractive Aim collection. The shades are adjustable to point in any direction for targeted task lighting in the kitchen. They just make this beautiful black and white kitchen come together.

Le Klint 172: Designed by Poul Christiansen in 1971, this famous design makes an impact with shadow and light in equal measure. It’s origami-inspired artwork for the home.


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